Christmas Travel and Increased Airport Security – Be Prepared

Airport Security Increases

Holiday travelers may find longer lines at security, thanks to all the passengers crowding into the airports, and because of October’s airport security breach; that has meant changes in the way airline cargo is screened.

And it’s also meant changes for passenger screening, too.

Video – Get In-n-Out of Airport Security Quickly

Take a look as I go through a body scan at airport security on the short video below:

Passing Passenger Screenings

According to the Department of Homeland Security, airport screening measures for passengers now involves both visible and discreet “enhanced airport security measures.”

Following are a few travel tips to remember to get through airline baggage and passenger screenings with as little hassle as possible:

  • Expect the unexpected. The TSA will use a “mix of airport security layers” to improve safety that may include hand-swabbing in the gate area, bomb-sniffing dogs and increased body pat-downs.
  • Be calm. Don’t get upset if a TSA officer asks you to do something a little different. Remember, patience will be rewarded–and help the line move faster.
  • To body scan–or not to body scan. If you decline a full body scan request, be prepared to undergo a thorough pat-down.

Know Airport Security Rules

If it’s been awhile since you last flew, read more of our essential travel tips and visit the TSA’s website for last minute updates before you fly. And don’t forget the 3-1-1 rule!

We’d love to hear about your most recent experiences surviving airport security. Please share with us below or on Facebook.


Published: November 2, 2010