Surf Air's All-You-Can-Fly Model Finally Takes Off This Month

UPDATE: As expected, Surf Air made its first flight June 12. All went well.


It took a while – FareCompare reported on Surf Air’s innovative concept of unlimited flights for a monthly fee a year ago – but federal regulators have now given the OK and as a spokesman for the airline tells FareCompare the first flight is set for June 12.

What kind of luxury does first class really offer?

What Flyers Get for Monthly Fee

Surf Air likes to call itself the Netflix of air travel, but it won’t be quite as cheap as movies on demand. What are called founding memberships for Surf Air cost $1,650 per month, but here’s what you get:

  • Unlimited flights per month
  • Hassle-free small airports with no TSA
  • Free guest passes (with two-week advance notice)
  • Free parking

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California Flights Only – For Now

What you don’t get are unlimited destination choices. For now, Surf Air only flies to the following California cities:

  • Los Angeles (actually, Burbank)
  • Santa Barbara
  • San Francisco area

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Surf Air will fly eight-seater turboprop planes that are outfitted with roomy leather seats (and yes, there’s a bathroom onboard). There are no bag fees – but passengers are limited to one bag that can’t weigh more than 35 pounds. No Wi-Fi on the planes, but its airports offer it (for free) plus free food and drink and even a concierge.

For those who can afford it, and fly a lot, it seems like a workable business model. Question: Would Surf Air be worth it to you?


Published: June 3, 2013