Surf Air Offers ‘All You Can Fly’ Luxury Airline

If you flew a lot, would you be interested in an all-you-can-eat-type airline ticket? That’s what a new carrier called Surf Air is banking on and its founders have been quoted as saying they hope to become the “Netflix of private travel.”

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Not Your Average Airline

Surf Air is not your average airline – and it clearly isn’t for everyone, especially average flyers intent on finding cheap flights. Instead, Surf Air presents itself as a quasi-private jet service catering to an exclusive clientele (from its website: “Other airlines have passengers. We have members.”).

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Plus, Surf Air features a route system limited to just a handful of wealthy enclaves in California including Palo Alto, Monterey/Pebble Beach, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. The airline designed with luxury-loving passengers in mind expects to kick off flights this summer.

All-You-Can-Fly Deals on Surf Air and JetBlue

Right now the airline is accepting founding membership applications that range in price from $790 to $1,490 per month, good for up to six reservations at a time, plus free guest passes. Other perks include no change fee – even if you cancel at the very last moment – and no baggage fees.

Surf Air didn’t quite invent this business model. From time to time, low-cost carrier JetBlue sells its wildly popular BluePass – a similar all-you-can-fly pass – although the JetBlue version is typically good for three months or more, and can be used to a wide variety of destinations.

Surf Air’s Biggest Perk – No TSA Security Lines

Although Surf Air does not trumpet this particular perk, it might be its most popular one: no TSA security at the small Surf Air airports. However, as the airline’s Scott Porter told FareCompare, safety always comes first, adding, “Even though current regulations do not require us to use the traditional commercial airport TSA screening passengers are familiar with, Surf Air will conduct a thorough security check.” He went on to explain that this will be done through a “third-party partner,” is similar to a pre-employment screening and will include national and international no-fly lists. Even better, notes Porter: “It will not involve any physical contact.”


Updated: February 10, 2016