Super Bowl Travelers: Please, No Air Horns

Not traveling to the Super Bowl?  You’ll still find this list of TSA Dos and Don’ts for Super Bowl flyers amusing. Plus, it may enlighten ordinary passengers who see nothing unusual about packing an air horn in their luggage. The TSA says, don’t even think about it.

TSA Super Bowl Dos and Don’ts

Here’s a partial list of what travelers flocking to greater-New York area airports can and cannot travel with:

Don’t: Do not pack one of those obnoxiously loud portable air horns in luggage, and that goes for checked-bags and carry-ons. Imagine if one of those went off on the plane? The flight attendants would not be amused.

Don’t: No concealment flasks, which are flasks designed to look like something else such as a pair of binoculars or cell phones or perhaps a cane. The problem isn’t the flask per se as what you might pour into such an item (possibly alcohol?) and as we all know, liquids are limited to containers of no more than 3.4 ounces.

Don’t: No propane tanks or gas heaters or stoves can get through security for obvious safety reasons. If it seems impossible to believe that someone would attempt such foolishness, then you never heard about the fellow who tried to bring his gassed-up chainsaw on a plane. Didn’t work.

Do: Check the TSA’s list of prohibited items. Some of the stuff you can and can’t bring may surprise you (7-inch long screwdriver in a carry-on? No problem). You can also check for specific items by going to the TSA link called, “Can I bring my [fill in the blank].”

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Published: January 30, 2014