Super Bowl Players vs. Ordinary Airline Passengers: Winners and Losers

Ever dreamed of being football player on your way to the Super Bowl? You don’t have to win a ring to get treated like a champ on those flights. Yes, it’s different from the way most of us fly, but sometimes even coach passengers score – and sometimes there’s a tie.

How the Players Win

Many teams travel on jets chartered from the airlines. This week, the Denver Broncos flew aboard a United plane while the Seattle Seahawks were on a Delta charter. As noted, the experience is a little different from standard coach.

Team: Call this “no-bruise service.” As the  lead flight attendant aboard the Broncos plane told a Denver TV reporter, they don’t push beverage or food carts down the aisles when the players are onboard because they wouldn’t want to hurt anyone. Stephanie DeSantis explained, “We need to hand deliver everything so that way we don’t accidentally hit somebody in the foot, run their foot over, hit them in the head, just for their safety.”

Ordinary passengers: Ever had an elbow wacked by a cart? You’re not alone.

Team: Players get tasty meals but surprisingly, neither team was fed lobster and champagne. Here’s what they got.

  • Broncos menu: Cheeseburgers with sweet potato fries, chicken fajita wrap, Southwestern chicken salad.
  • Seathawks menu: Grilled beef filet, spaghetti and meatballs, chicken with macaroni and cheese (interesting combination) and a chef salad.

Ordinary passengers: Meal – what meal?

How Ordinary Passengers Win

Team: According to a year-old article in the Wall Street Journal, a Delta spokesman quoted prices for airline charters from about $75,000 to $200,000 each way. We’ll assume prices have risen. Of course, the players don’t have to dig into their wallets to pay for this.

Ordinary passengers: Sure, we have to pay, but at least we don’t have to be outside in 20-degree weather getting hit by very large men. Plus, we don’t have to accept incredible charter prices. Instead, we have the freedom to compare prices and find deals.

How Players and Passengers Tie

What teams do on planes: Nope, it’s not what you think. According to a recent media report, team members typically sleep or watch movies.

What ordinary passengers do: Sleep or watch movies. Or fool around with our electronic devices while keeping a sharp eye out for speeding beverage carts.


Published: January 29, 2014