Super Bowl: 9 Things to Do in Phoenix

Going to Phoenix for the Super Bowl? Good for you. Now, here are some ideas for fun things to do before and after the game – and even during it in case you forgot to get a ticket and don’t want to pay a gazillion dollars to a scalper.

LISTEN: FareCompare’s Rick Seaney is a fan of fun.

Getting to Phoenix

This part’s easy. If you compare fares, you’ll find the best deals to Phoenix. Simple, right? Plus, the mid-sized Sky Harbor is an easy airport to maneuver around in.

Fun Stuff in the Phoenix Area

Now, a list of things to do (feel free to change the order around to fit your needs).

Before the Game:

1. Eat chocolate: If you’ll be in Phoenix a little early, say, Jan. 30-31, you can attend the Glendale Chocolate Affaire which features every kind of chocolate treat you can imagine plus some you can’t like berry chocolate kabobs and fried Snickers dipped in chocolate.

2. Go camping: The greater Phoenix area has lots of places to camp plus it might be cheaper than trying to find a hotel room. Last week, we saw a Super Bowl-close Motel 6 with rooms from $250 a night, but sorry – they’re all sold out.

3. Watch some golf: The Waste Management Phoenix Open (yep, that’s what it’s called) runs from Jan. 26 to Feb. 1. Maybe you’ve never heard of this tournament, but you’ve heard of Tiger Woods and he’ll be there.

4. Play some golf: Pretend you’re Tiger Woods. Here’s a list of 50+ golf courses in and around Phoenix where you can do this.

During the Game:

5. Watch TV while imbibing a beverage: USA Today’s has a list of the ten best sports bars; you didn’t think it would be nine, did you? The number one pick is the aptly named Coach’s Corner Grill.

6. Get a spa treatment: Spas are everywhere in greater Phoenix including all large hotels like the Biltmore which features ‘healing desert clay wraps’ and ‘turquoise sage stone’ massage. Finding your favorite luxury treatment is an easy search.

After the Game:

7. Get some real food: Too many nachos? Have some real eats. We mention these Phoenix-area restaurants mainly because they have excellent names but the food is supposed to be pretty good, too, according the the Phoenix New Times: Angry Crab Shack, China Chili, Little Miss BBQ, Pink Pony, 24 Carrots and Zuzu. Something for everyone.

8. Laugh your head off: Lots of comedy clubs in the area where you can readjust your attitude in case your team loses. A couple that caught our eye (thanks to some very nice reviews) are the Scottsdale Comedy Spot and LMAO Phoenix.

9. Take a hike: Arizona Hiking lists beautiful trails by streams, mountains and of coursethe desert for hikers of all abilities.

Now, may the best team win. Or at least, your team.


Updated: February 24, 2016