Study: Phones, Laptops More Often Lost or Stolen in Transit

A new poll by security technologies firm AVG reveals that when owners of laptop computers and mobile phones lose these items – or have them stolen – it often happens during travel. In fact, 39 percent of mobile phone users lost their devices in transit.

AVG also provided an even sadder statistic:

  • 88 percent of lost or stolen mobile phones and laptops are never recovered.

Many Lost Items Go Unclaimed

This volume of lost and stolen items comes as no surprise to officials at busy international airports. At New York’s JFK, for example, the airport’s online lost and found page is studded with pleas from passengers asking for help in finding phones, laptops and more.

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At Singapore’s vast Changi Airport, 1,700 mobile phones were recovered this past November alone, though there are no statistics available on the number reported lost. A more interesting Changi statistic: more than half of the items the airport finds are never claimed by their owners.

Security specialists urge passengers to always be on the alert in the airport, whether traveling during the holidays or anytime.

What to Do if You Lose Something at the Airport, Security or on a Plane

Tips to Keep Track Of and Recover Electronic Devices

Suggestions include keeping your phone in the same pocket on your person whenever you travel; making sure your eyes are glued to your laptop as it completes its journey on the security checkpoint conveyor belt; and password protecting all sensitive devices.

Airport and airline officials also remind those who have misplaced items to file an official report about the loss – in most cases, without the all-important paperwork, there is no way to reunite a passengers and his or her belongings.


Published: December 14, 2011