Stuck in the Airport? Fun Things to Do While You Wait

A recent article on airport amenities that “make everything better” caught our eye and it included information on yoga rooms and spas and more. Fun, but not outrageously exciting, and you can do better – provided you’re stuck in the right airport.

Fun Airport Amenities and Attractions

This is just a sample of some of the more unusual time-killers found in airports around the world. Click the city name and we’ll help you find flights to get there.

Boston: Logan offers a fun play space for children called KidPort which features a mini plane and terminal. They can even slide down a baggage chute.

Denver: The Rockies’ favorite airport has ever-changing art and photography exhibits; it also has 200 phones for free local and national calls and international calls are free, too if you keep them under 10 minutes.

Dubai: Oh, yes, there is shopping – lots and lots of shopping. But the airport also offers not one but two Zen Gardens for moments of reflection. If, after reflection, you decide you want a cup of coffee, there’s a Starbucks right nearby.

Frankfurt: This German facility invites you to hold your wedding in the airport, while offering terminal reception areas. From there, it’s an easy take-off to your honeymoon destination. Come back after you’ve started a family because the children’s play areas feature outer space and pirate themes.

Los Angeles: LAX has a fun new food place called Petrossian Champagne and Caviar Bar – fun for fat wallets anyway. They have a special “picnic pack” for on-the-plane snacking that includes lots of fish eggs for $1,581.50. Or try the caviar martini for just $18. Still feeling stressed? Pet one of the airport therapy pups who patrol the terminals looking for harried passengers to love.

New York’s JFK: Yes, there are plenty of those always-necessary Hudson News shops, but just outside the terminal you can get your car lubed and washed or drop off some dry cleaning.

Seoul: The highly-regarded Incheon airport boasts a tree garden and rock garden, but that pales in comparison to its life-size Korean Cultural Street, an experience that includes traditional buildings, museums, classic landscaping plus concerts, snacks and shops.

Singapore: Award winning Changi boast two movie theaters – and they’re absolutely free. Later, check out the cactus garden and don’t miss the live butterfly habitat.

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Updated: November 16, 2015