Strangest Passenger Ordeal Yet

Lots of odd things happen to passengers on airlines. And while they are rare, hell flights happen.

Hell Flights Happen

Remember this summer’s Allegiant hell flight? Passengers were stuck on a plane in Phoenix – it was 100 degrees outside – and heaven only knows how hot inside the sizzling metal tube because the air conditioner was broken. Talk about being trapped on the tarmac. But how about being trapped on the jetway?

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Trapped between Airplane and Airport

That’s what happened to 29 passengers about to board an EasyJet flight from Malaga, Spain, to Bristol, England, over the weekend. After their boarding passes had been scanned, they exited the departure gate door and were about to step onto what the Mail referred to as the plane’s “gangway” when a flight attendant materialized and strung a security ‘do not pass’ tape across their path. Then the passengers watched in shock as the plane backed away and took off.

So they turned around to go back into the airport, but the door was locked. After 20 minutes of screaming and pounding on the door, a maintenance worker finally freed them. As one passenger put it (with typical British understatement), “It was a bit freaky being locked in there.” The gate agent had no idea why they weren’t on the flight, and apparently no one else knew either.

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It Could Have Been Worse

At least EasyJet gave these forgotten travelers a choice of a free night in a hotel in Spain or the opportunity to get on another flight the same evening. No such options were available to Spirit passengers on a hell flight the summer that featured an emergency landing and a five-hour bus trip. Instead of a four-and-half hour cross-country trip, this grueling trek took 19 hours.

EasyJet says the forgotten passengers will all get refunds. As it should be.


Published: October 8, 2013