Yes, There's Still Time to Save on Thanksgiving Travel

Still Time to Save – Here’s How

Haven’t got your airline tickets yet? Take a look at this:

Now do you see why you have to hurry? Flights prices are moving upwards – as much as five to seven dollars a day, so don’t delay.

Still don’t have that ticket yet? Here’s the solution:

It may not find you a stunning bargain – but that’s only because there are no stunning bargains; what it can do is find you the cheapest flight possible, to where ever you want to go this Thanksgiving. It’ll also save you hours of hunting and pecking on other sites, because we show you the other sites. So – get busy, and get your flight.

Now let me share some more money saving tips, for those who have yet to buy their airline tickets, and those who’ve already taken care of that.

Some of these tips may be familiar to you, but I think some will be new – and all will save you money.

Save on Thanksgiving Airfare

Read before you buy – it’ll just take a minute.

  • Fly When Everyone Hates to Fly

Everyone likes to begin their Thanksgiving travel on Monday Tuesday or Wednesday, and everyone wants to go home on Sunday or Monday – and that’s when flights are most expensive. Chalk it up to the old supply and demand law.

Break this pattern, and save.

  • Fly in on Thanksgiving Day (bonus: no “peak travel day” airline surcharge)
  • Return on Friday or Saturday
  • Fly the red-eyes or flights at dawn

Now – did someone ask about frequent flier miles?

  • Use Your Frequent Flier Miles

Got miles? Now may be the time to use them, what with ticket prices cresting at about $450 – and maybe beyond. Hurry so you use them outside the 14 day departure window to avoid the last minute redemption fees.

  • Purchase Your Tickets One-at-a-Time

If there is a single seat at one fare, and more available at a higher fare – and you’re booking four tickets – the airline reservation system won’t divide up your order so you get the lower priced and the high priced tickets together. It will just give you the four tickets at the same (higher) price. Buy them one at a time.

More Ways to Save on Thanksgiving Travel

These tips are good for all travelers whether they’ve nabbed their airfare yet or not.

  • Avoid Expensive Bag Fees

Traveling with the family and you have to check some bags? Consolidate. Instead of checking two 25-pounders at a cost of $100 roundtrip, just check one 50-pound bag, and cut that cost in half.

Better yet, use carryon bags, and avoid those nasty bag fees altogether.

  • Check in Early

Be ready 24 hours before departure to check in for your flight, and you’ll have a spot for that carryon you so prudently packed.

  • AvoidÃ? Expensive Taxis and Parking

Try these alternatives.

  • Public transportation: the bigger cities have plenty of options – use them (you may be pleasantly surprised)
  • Swap shuttle duty with a friend or neighbor; they take you to the airport on Thanksgiving, and you return the favor at Christmas.

And, at last we come to – lunch.

  • Pack a Your Own Food

Avoid the inflated food prices at the airport and on the plane by brown-bagging it. Hey, at least you’ll be sure to get something you like. But don’t bring a drink – you won’t get through security with it (get a free soda or water on the plane).


Published: October 27, 2010