Become a Reality Show Star in Southwest TV Commercial

Want to be a TV star? It could happen. But first, ask yourself this question:

Are You Better than The Situation?

Sure, you could try out for “Dancing with the Stars” but – if you have all the grace of “The Situation”, it might be easier to audition for a new TV ad that’s come to our attention, thanks to our good friend Martha Stewardess.

How to Audition for TV Ad Fame

According to Martha’s airline travel website, a casting call has gone out for regular folks, aged 18 to 60 years old, of “all ethnicities” – and here’s more: “We are casting REAL airline travelers who’ve been hit with change fees!”

Casting will take place in Los Angeles from Oct. 19 – 22. The actual shooting schedule (one day) will take place on Nov. 3, 4, or 5 – in Los Angeles or Texas. Cast members will be paid and transportation will be covered.

See the Funny Video Below

If interested, you must email and include the following information:

  1. Name and age
  2. Phone number and your city and state
  3. Describe your change fee story be prepared to document it
  4. Recent photos
  5. If you live outside LA, a Quicktime video can be sent for audition

Check with Martha’s site for more details on the airline casting call.

Southwest Wants You

Which airline is looking for “real people” for an ad?

The ad mentions no names but here are some clues: The airline in question is looking for people that don’t like airline change fees – hmm, Southwest doesn’t have airline change fees. Shooting may take place in Texas – hmm, Southwest is based in Texas. And the casting agency lists one of its clients as…Southwest. Hmm. Sounds like we should ask Southwest about this – and we did. They confirmed they’re looking to cast some roles for a new commercial.

Southwest – A Tradition of Great TV Ads

The lucky audition winner will join a proud tradition of terrific Southwest ads. The following is one of our favorite Southwest commercials, as it includes this stellar dialog:

Southwest Ground Crew Guy #1: “We can’t stop every plane!”

Southwest Ground Crew Guy #2: “We’re gonna stop this one!”

I ask you – does it get any better than that?

Photo by Chang’r on Flickr


Published: October 13, 2010