Spirit Tweaks Romney in Latest Outrageous Ad Campaign

Spirit Airlines continues its years-long streak of sometimes amusing, often outrageous ads with a new one aimed squarely at Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

“Binders Full of Sales”

In a nod to the former governor’s memorable line from Tuesday’s debate about “binders full of women,” Spirit tweaked the candidate by touting its own low ticket prices: “We’ve got tons of binders full of sales. Women will love them!” (see ad from Spirit website screenshot, above right).

The Crazy Airline that Breaks All the Rules

Spirit: Bi-Partisan Attacks

This is not Spirit’s first foray into politics and it has proven to be a bi-partisan airline, tweaking Republicans and Democrats alike. One-time Republican contender Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan was skewered in a Spirit ad touting its own “999” sale, playing on the airline’s one-time “$9” airfares (which were always considerably more, after factoring in taxes and fees).

Spirit’s $100 Bag Fee

Democrats who have been targeted included former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich who’s conviction on corruption charges spawned Spirit’s “Slammer Sale” while Rep. Anthony Weiner of texting scandal fame was mocked by a particularly tasteless campaign (the “Have You Seen Our Weiner” sale).

Sports Ads, Racy Ads

Sports idols are often fair game for the irreverent Spirit, especially when they fall off their pedestals as Tiger Woods arguably did during his marital woes memorialized by Spirit with an “Eye of the Tiger” sale.

Spirit’s 19 Hour Hell Flight

Before mining current events, the airline was best known for more salacious advertising that was big on double-entendres such as, “We’re Proud of Our Double D’s!” – allegedly a reference to “deep discounts.”

It has long seemed that self-proclaimed ultra-low cost Spirit does not care what others think as long as its name is spelled correctly; after all, this is the same airline that refused to refund a dying veteran’s ticket until a torrent of Facebook abuse finally forced its hand. Nevertheless, Spirit’s pricing has made it a favorite of leisure travelers, and the airline is thriving.


Published: October 19, 2012