Spirit Flight Dives 1,600 Feet to Avoid Mid-Air Collision

A Spirit Airlines flight leaving Detroit bound for Dallas/Ft. Worth on Monday night had to make an emergency 1,600-foot descent to avoid colliding with a nearby small plane.

The Spirit pilot was notified by air traffic controllers that a small skydiving jump plane was within the vicinity of the jetliner. The Spirit pilot said he saw the small plane, and moments later received a warning that required him to make a decent from 14,400 feet to 12,800 feet.

An FAA spokeswoman said at the closest, the two planes were 1.6 miles apart horizontally and 400 feet vertically.

Passengers, unsure about what was happening, began screaming as overhead luggage bins spilled their contents.

The flight continued on to Dallas/Ft. Worth without further incidents and no injured passengers.


Published: July 2, 2013