Spirit Airlines Gets Political with Latest Ad

Spirit Airlines is known for exceedingly cheap flights and expensive add-ons, including a carryon bag fee, but the airline also is known for a playful (sometimes raunchy) and always topical sense of humor in its advertisements. Now, Spirit has struck again.

999 Airfare Sale and Cain Campaign

The latest evidence: its “999” airfare sale, borrowed from Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain’s economic plan of the same name. Spirit’s “9” is a reference to its popular $9 Fare Club which offers airline tickets ostensibly for $9 though they typically wind up costing considerably more thanks to taxes and fees.

Meanwhile, the Cain campaign has tweeted that while they do not endorse Spirit, they did mention the carrier’s ad. And we’re sure as far as Spirit is concerned, that’s what it is all about.

Other Odd and Unusual Spirit Ads

In the past, Spirit has taken aim at the domestic troubles of Tiger Woods and other celebrities but this may be its first foray into politics and we doubt it will be the last.

By the way, the topic of Spirit Airlines came up during an interview by FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney. He spoke with Virgin America CEO David Cush, who said of his rival discount carrier, “Those Spirit guys keep us entertained.” We agree.

Read the conversation between Rick Seaney and David Cush

Question for readers: Do you love those Spirit ads or do you find them tawdry?


Published: October 14, 2011