Southwest Top Airline for Customer Service (But Still Trails McDonald's)

Southwest Airlines is to be congratulated for beating out other carriers in a new consumer poll from the consulting firm Temkin Group that ranks customer service. However, the 2014 experience ratings includes a total of 268 companies from a variety of industries, some of which fared better than the Texas-based airline. But first, a look at the airlines.

Southwest – Top Airline

As the Dallas Morning News reports, last year Southwest tied with Alaska. This year, it’s the clear winner, with US Airways in the cellar.


Airline Score Overall Rank
Southwest 71% 83
Alaska 65% 136
Delta 63% 160
American 62% 174
United 61% 184
JetBlue 60% 196
AirTran 56% 226
US Airways 52% 251


Other Companies vs. Airlines

Southwest ranked number 83 among the 268 companies listed. Among those that did better are Trader Joe’s (2), Chick-fil-A (3), Starbucks (8-tie), Sam’s Club (8-tie), (15), PetSmart (22), Dollar Tree (29), Barnes & Noble (33), McDonald’s (49), Best Buy (70), to name a few. Among the companies lagging behind Southwest were CVS and GEICO (tie, 96) and Wal-Mart (102).

Now, which airline has the best miles program?

The Number One Company?

The number one business according to the Temkin Group is an independent food retailer called H-E-B, which has 300+ grocery stores in Texas and northern Mexico.


Published: March 20, 2014