Southwest Airlines New Ad Video – Good Cops, Bag Cops

You’ll have to go to Southwest Airlines’ Facebook page to see their latest ad about their free bags, but it’s worth a look.

Cool New Ad from Southwest

The ad is called “Good Cops, Bag Cops”. Think of a zippy version of “CSI” – complete with sunglasses.

It’s a pretty funny airline video: it proclaims that on Southwest, you get two free bags with the price of your ticket – and the fact that most other airlines make you pay is, well…a crime. At least in Southwest’s view (see our airline fee chart for more).

JetBlue has Video and Free Bags, Too

Now it’s only fair to point out that JetBlue also gives you one free bag on its flights, and they too have some stellar videos (one of my favorites is the hilarious “CEO’s Guide to Jetting”).

Anyway, tell us what you think about these ads – mostly, do they make you want to fly these airlines?

Fly JetBlue, Southwest or Any Airline You Want and Find a Deal

And since we can’t show you the latest Southwest offering (it’s a Facebook exclusive), we will show you one of their classic commercials called, “Battle Cry”.

Southwest’s Hot Baggage Handlers

This video features a bunch of extremely hunky baggage handlers with incredible six-packs but – see for yourself.


Published: September 7, 2010