Southwest Computer Glitch during Sale Creates Problems for Customers

Last Friday, Southwest Airlines launched a rare one-day sale, enticing customers with discounts of 50 percent. Unfortunately, some wound up paying a lot more than anticipated as a computer glitch charged some customers multiple times for a single booking – but refunds are on the way.

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Southwest: ‘All Hands on Deck’

The sale, which was to celebrate the airline’s 3 millionth friend on social media was quickly dubbed the Facebook fiasco, although Southwest more delicately referred to it as a website performance issue, due to an overwhelming response from customers. In any event, as of Sunday, the airline confirmed that “duplicate billings are no longer occurring.” The carrier apologized for the inconvenience on its Facebook page and said it was “all hands on deck” over the weekend, working to resolve the problem.

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Refunds On the Way

The airline began proactively initiating refunds back to customer banks for any erroneous bookings made by the Southwest site – these refunds are currently being processed but as Southwest points out, the timing will vary. It could take days to get a refund posted to one’s account, depending on financial institution used to book the airline tickets.

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Southwest Will Pay Overdraft Fees

Southwest will reimburse any customers who incurred overdraft fees as a result of this snag – however, it’s up to the customer to fax the airline documentation proving this.

How to Contact Southwest

If you have any continuing problems or other fallout from the Southwest sale, contact the airline as soon as possible.


Updated: February 10, 2016