Southwest Airlines Reality Show Filming in Denver, Baltimore Airports

Southwest Airlines will be the focus of a new reality show now in production for the TLC network.

Who knew so many celebrities fly Southwest

Show Taped in Baltimore, Denver Airports

According to TheWrap, the show will be a behind-the-scenes look at the airline as “their customers and employees will reveal the passion, commitment, and fantastic payoff of ‘getting there’ that helps keep us all flying.” It is scheduled to begin taping at airports in Baltimore and Denver this weekend.

Why Southwest Will Love the Show

For Southwest, the show offers plenty of free advertising and imprinting its already wildly popular brand into more viewers’ consciousness, plus it is another chance to remind potential customers that unlike most airlines, Southwest offers passenger two free checked-bags (JetBlue also offers a free checked piece of luggage).

Why Southwest May Hate the Show

On the other hand, Southwest may be hoping the reality-show cameras do not catch another “L-Word incident,” in which the airline booted a lesbian couple from their plane after an argument erupted when a flight attendant called them out for kissing.

Southwest tells famous movie director, “you’re too fat to fly”

Then there was the infamous “too-fat-to-fly” incident, in which movie director Kevin Smith was ousted from his seat and then began a Twitter rampage of epic proportions.

However, this may be exactly what TLC is hoping for. And who knows, Southwest may not mind, either – as the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad publicity.


Published: November 17, 2011