Some Dogs Fly Better than You Do

They fly better than I do, too, if they take advantage of what Travel + Leisure calls American Airlines’ new “cuddle class.” In other words, first class for dogs, cats, whatever. In case you think this is a joke, we confirmed the story with American.

Note: Canine cuddle class is not to be confused with Air New Zealand’s Skycouch which the press has also dubbed cuddle class. It is for humans only.

UPDATE: American just sent us a photo.

American's Cuddle Class
American’s Cuddle Class

Dogs Fly Better in Cuddle Class

Where to find it: This premium pet service is available to First Class passengers on the carrier’s fleet of A321T planes on the following routes:

  • San Francisco – New York
  • Los Angeles – New York

What you get: No, Sparky does not get to stretch out on that nice lie-flat seat with you, but he does get a “special compartment adjacent to the owner’s seat.” This means your dog (or other pet) does not have to take up the space for your feet under the seat in front of you.

However, the creature must still fit in a 19×13 inch carrier (translation: Bobo the Great Dane need not apply). Also, the animal’s owner must still pay the $125 one-way pet fee (no fee for service animals). Considering that a weekday, first class cross-country flight in September is currently going for around $2,800, a mere $125 doesn’t seem so bad – but wouldn’t you think they’d throw in a dog for free? No such luck.



Updated: August 13, 2015