Some Airlines Jump Gun, Include Taxes/Fees in Airfare Ads Ahead of DOT Deadline

New Department of Transportation regulations that require all advertised airfares to include mandatory taxes and fees don’t go into effect until Jan. 26, but some carriers are starting to display these all-inclusive airfares a little early.

What the New DOT Rules Do for You

JetBlue: Inclusive Prices in News Airfare Sale

One of those carriers is JetBlue. Its new airfare sale shows prices a little higher than usual, because it now adds the taxes and fees to prices.

See the latest airfare sale from JetBlue

As it says on its website, “All JetBlue flight fares and Getaways vacation package prices displayed on, or in any other JetBlue advertisements, promotions or published listings now include all government taxes and fees applicable to airfare.”

JetBlue will also start displaying the number of points needed, plus the taxes and fees required, for redemption of all TrueBlue Award flights.

AirTran Adds to Airfare FAQs

AirTran is also now displaying inclusive airfares in its current sale, and has posted a new query on its FAQ page, which reads:

Q: Why do my [AirTran] fares appear higher?

A: Your fare has not changed. However, all airlines are now required to include all government-imposed taxes and fees in the advertised fare.

See the latest airfare sale from AirTran

Southwest Adds Taxes, Fees to Sale Airfares

Southwest is also posting fares that include taxes and fees in its latest round of Click ‘n Save sale fares, although this morning the airline appeared to be having some site problems with the sale page disappearing for a period of time. Meanwhile, Southwest offers this guidance to shoppers:

See the new airfare sale from Southwest

Q: What is included in [Southwest’s] advertised fare?

A: In compliance with the Department of Transportation’s new price advertising rule, fares displayed on will now include the government excise tax, government segment fees, September 11th security fees, and airport passenger facility charges.

All other airlines must comply with this new DOT regulation starting Thursday.


Updated: February 10, 2016