Snack News for Air Travelers: The Return of Twinkies

Looking for detailed information on healthy food choices? Better look elsewhere! But if you’re in the mood for empty calories, you’re in the right place.

Twinkies are back – or the iconic snack cakes will be, this summer – and that’s good news for flyers. If you think air travel and Twinkies go together about as well as NASCAR and caviar, check out the Southwest Airlines video below.

Find a cheap flight now – isn’t that more important than snacks?

Twinkies – Passenger Friendly

The last free meal in coach disappeared back in 2010. Ever since, FareCompare has suggested passengers bring their own snacks from home to avoid paying inflated airline meal prices. This advice has often focused on nutritious options like fruit and nuts, but once in a while, you crave something more. Something like a Twinkie. Consider its travel advantages:

Snack Options for Non-Twinkie Lovers

Not a fan Twinkies – or CupCakes or Ding Dongs? A few airlines still provide snacks for free:

  • Delta: Peanuts, pretzels and its popular Biscoff cookies
  • JetBlue: Popcorn, potato chips, Fritos, animal crackers, Linden’s cookies, nut mix
  • Southwest: Peanuts, pretzels and a variety of Nabisco snacks

How to Eat a Twinkie in One Easy Step

For those who prefer more fat, sugar and carbohydrates on their tray table, the Twinkie shall return. New to the snack cake? Check out this old Southwest Airlines ad for a quick tutorial in How to Eat a Twinkie.

Sorry – Southwest’s Rapid Rewards program is no longer quite this wonderfully simple.


Published: March 19, 2013