SkyMall: Possible Comeback, Possible Rival

FareCompare has always had a soft spot for SkyMall. Where else can one purchase a life-size Garden Yeti ($2,250)? Yet just as the company celebrated the 25th anniversary of its ubiquitous airline seatback catalog, it filed for bankruptcy. And was sold. What now?

  • Don’t know SkyMall? See the wacky dog video below

Will SkyMall Stage a Comeback

The Wall Street Journal reports SkyMall’s new owner, New Jersey-based C&A Marketing may resurrect the catalog – may – but will do away with “products that don’t sell.” [Editor’s note: We saw a Garden Yeti at a house in Ohio. Just sayin’.] If this happens, there may be competition.

SkyMall Rival? The New SKY2BUY

Scott Jordan, CEO of SCOTTeVEST, maker of vests and other useful travel apparel (thanks to a plethora of pockets), has announced a new venture called SKY2BUY which like the SkyMall of old would be distributed in seatbacks, possibly as early as this summer. But do not look for a clone of SkyMall, according to the SKY2BUY website. Instead, the emphasis will be on “creating a high-end travel magazine with shopping opportunities instead of a kitsch-filled catalog [ouch]” and it would have “brands that cater to travelers” which would of course include Jordan’s own vests.

SkyMall Items Now on Sale

Meanwhile, there is a pretty good sale over at SkyMall. No, the Garden Yeti is not any cheaper but a Sasquatch T-shirt has been discounted from $26 to $9.99 and check out the iFetch Ball Launcher for Dogs (was $99.95, now just $74.99). Here’s a video that shows what it does.

VIDEO: iFetch, you fetch, all these pups fetch, too.


Updated: April 1, 2015