Shop New Airfare Sales for Fourth of July Travel

Airlines continue to aggressively pursue potential summer travelers with summer airfare sales, and a new round of specials seems to target potential holiday travelers – with deals on or around next week’s Independence Day.

How to Find 4th of July, Labor Day Deals

Alaska, Frontier, Others Launch 4th of July Deals

Among new sales that specifically mention 4th of July travel are Alaska’s holiday specials and a previously launched Frontier sale. Those that include the holiday period in current sales are Virgin America, AirTran, United and more.

Sale Prices: Valid on More Dates than Advertised

What may be of special interest to holiday travelers is that although some of these sales indicate prices are not in effect until after the 4th of July, a quick scan of the holiday period shows that in many instances the cheaper prices are in fact valid, on and around the 4th.

Cheapest Day to Fly during Holidays

As a general rule of thumb, shoppers find the cheapest holiday prices on the holiday itself. This is true for Christmas and Thanksgiving, and often the case for July 4 although FareCompare has detected several good deals available on July 3 as well. This is true in part because this year, the holiday falls on a Wednesday and in most cases, the cheapest days to fly any week of the year are Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

3 Reasons Never to Delay Buying Airfare for Any Holiday

Holiday Travelers: Compare Prices, Dates

When in doubt, would-be holiday travelers should check out prices on any date they’re interested in, even if it is specifically excluded from a sale – it could still be valid. And checking prices on a comparison site with numerous airlines may even yield cheaper flights than those advertised.


Updated: February 10, 2016