Security Breach at JFK, but Don't Blame the TSA

A man on a jet ski apparently did what they said couldn’t be done. He got through the $100 million anti-terrorism perimeter security surrounding New York’s JFK International.

Crazy Year for Airport Security

Man on Jet Ski Breaches Tough Security

Daniel Casillo wasn’t trying to put security to the test – he said he did the only thing he could think of once his jet ski stalled out off Long Island, and that was to swim for the nearest landmass – three miles away – which just so happened to be the huge airport.

Arrives at JFK ‘Dripping Wet’

After he hit the beach, he climbed over a barbed wire fence, moved past motion sensors and closed-circuit cameras while crossing two runways before heading into Delta’s Terminal 3, “dripping wet and wearing his bright yellow life jacket.” He was then arrested.

6 Things Security Officers Want You to Know

TSA, Meanwhile, Gets High Marks for Security

This was an airport matter – not the responsibility of the TSA – and New York Port Authority will reportedly increase its police presence including more patrol boats, as an investigation gets underway.

Join the club, as the TSA might say. The agency is used to investigations and complaints – they’ve been called the internet’s go-to punching bag – and are currently under fire due to allegations of racial profiling at Boston’s Logan airport. Now, however, there’s some relatively good news to celebrate: according to a recent survey, 54 percent of Americans say the agency’s officers do a good or excellent job; 30 percent gave them a “fair” score; and just 12 percent said they were doing a poor job. In contrast, Congress has an approval rating of just 16 percent.


Published: August 13, 2012