Scam Alert: Delta Air Lines Issues Email Phishing Warning

Delta Air Lines warns that they are receiving complaints from customers about fraudulent emails that are supposedly being sent by the airline. Delta has nothing to do with these fakes.

Cyber Attack on an Airline

What the Fraudulent Emails Say

On its website, Delta says the recipients of these phishing emails are told they have purchased a Delta ticket and that their credit card has been charged – and an invoice/receipt is included as an attachment.

  • Do not open the attachment; it may contain viruses that can harm your computer.

Again, Delta states they did not send these emails, and no credit cards have been charged as a result of the emails. The carrier adds, they do not “believe any personal information that you provided  us was used to generate these emails.”

American Airline’s Phishing Scam

What to Do if You Receive Phishing Email

Delta suggests customers receiving any of these fake emails take the following steps:

  1. Do not click on any links or open any attachments
  2. Delete the email
  3. Change your SkyMiles account PIN number immediately
  4. Call Delta with any questions at 1-888-750-3284

This is not the first time airline customers have been the objects of phishing scams – American Airlines has had a warning about a similar email con on its site for months now.


Published: April 4, 2012