Cheapest Flights of the Week (Sept. 22)

No point wasting time talking about how great these deals are; you can see for yourself. Click on the airline name for all the important details.

Note: The sale prices we mention come from the airlines and they do not include all taxes and fees.

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Cheapest Airfare of the Week

The deals mentioned here do not last long; in some cases, airlines apply sale prices to just a few seats and when those are sold, the sale is done. If you see something you like, do not wait.

  • Last Minute Weekend Deals from $36+ Each-Way

American Airlines: We spotted just one flight for $36+ each-way but there are other good deals on a scattering of domestic routes throughout the country. Remember, you must fly this weekend only.

  • Last Minute Deals to London

US Airways: Some excellent prices on airfare to London from a huge selection of U.S. cities, good for travel into November. Book by Monday, Sept. 26.

  • Fall and Winter Deals from $49+ Each-Way

Virgin America: Book these deals by tomorrow (Sept. 23) and fly throughout the fall and winter; the cheapest airfares are on routes within California but there are other very good sale prices across the country.

  • Sales Ending Tonight from $54+/$59+ Each-Way

AirTran: Sale prices start at just $54+ each-way to a wide range of cities and several Caribbean destinations. You must fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.

Southwest:  Look for airfares starting at $59+ each-way on select routes throughout the country; good for travel into December with blackout dates around Thanksgiving.

Don’t forget to check out our Deals Blog on a daily basis; it is updated regularly and some of the sales we post are good for one-day only. Don’t miss them!


Updated: February 10, 2016