Report: Las Vegas is No. 1 Memorial Day Destination

If you guessed Washington, D.C., as the top destination for Memorial Day travel, you’d be wrong. It didn’t even crack the top 25. According to a new survey from Priceline, the number one place for visitors this Memorial Day Weekend will be Las Vegas.

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Vegas: Cheap Flights, Cheap Hotels

In some ways, it makes sense. Las Vegas is a good spot for a relatively cheap flight or getaway thanks to an abundance of discount airlines at McCarran International Airport (including AirTran, Allegiant, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit, Sun Country and Virgin America) plus extremely competitively priced hotel rooms (mid-week prices on the Strip’s Luxor Hotel can run as low as $40 a night).

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Other Top Memorial Day Destinations

Mostly big cities were listed in Priceline’s top 10 most popular destinations for Memorial Day Weekend: Vegas was followed by Chicago, New York City, San Diego, San Francisco, New Orleans, Seattle, Boston, St. Louis and Indianapolis. Of the top destinations, only Boston is listed among air travel expert Rick Seaney’s top cheapest destinations for summer travel.

Note: The survey is based on hotel room bookings, so it includes a lot of drivers as well as flyers, but presumably would not include travelers who are staying with friends or family.


Published: May 16, 2012