Report: JetBlue Bag Fees Likely to Begin by June 30

Our friends at Skift report that JetBlue is on track to begin introducing “new fare families” (bundled fares) by the end of the second quarter which means some passengers will pay a first checked-bag fee by June 30. Just in time for summer.

Our Rick Seaney actually predicted these fees.

Report: JetBlue Bag Fees by June 30

The conventional thinking is that investors want JetBlue to reap some of the billions in bag fees other airlines are getting. But JetBlue is doing okay without them, at least in the first quarter of 2015. According to a new JetBlue press release, the New York-based carrier “reported record first quarter operating revenues of $1.5 billion.” Yet JetBlue still manages to offer some very good deals.

Of course, during that first quarter, oil prices were down and in general demand has remained steady – all of which could change at any time.

At least you can still find a cheap flight.

Still, it seems likely JetBlue’s future will include new baggage fees leaving Southwest as the only U.S. airline with a free first-checked bag (and a second one, too). We’ll let you know more when we do.


Updated: April 29, 2015