Relief May Be in Sight for Furlough-Related Delays but Unclear When

There have been a reported 5,000-plus delayed flights since Sunday, angering travelers and airlines alike, but these grim statistics may turn around, according to the Associated Press.

Flight delayed? Know your rights

Legislation May Ease Delays

The wire service says the White House has “signaled it might accept legislation eliminating Federal Aviation Administration furloughs blamed for lengthy delays affecting airline passengers.” President Barack Obama’s press secretary added that if Congress “wants to address specifically the problems caused by the sequester with the FAA, we would be open to looking at that.” Unfortunately, no time frame is indicated in any of this but judging by the sour note these furloughs have struck with passengers and airlines, the soon the better.

Airlines come out swinging over delays

Airlines, Passengers are Angry

Airlines including United are now recruiting customers to “Help us stop FAA furlough-related travel disruptions” and all are keeping a close watch on the situation (and here is a list of airlines and furlough-related travel advisories).

Passengers aren’t thrilled either. USA Today quotes one JFK traveler saying, “What should have been two 45-minute flights have now turned into hours of travel,” she said. “Next time I’m taking Amtrak.”

What You Can Do

Unless and until Congress makes a move, passengers are urged to continually monitor their flight status and check out the FAA’s delay index map. Another good idea: Follow your airline on Twitter.


Published: April 25, 2013