Puppies Welcome: Top U.S. Dog-Friendly Destinations

If you’re planning to travel with Sparky, your options can be a little grim. After a long flight in cargo (Sparky is a big dog), then what? Stick him in a Motel 6 all day? [Not that there’s anything wrong with “America’s Original Pet-Friendly Hotel Chain”!]

Relax. Your canine pal can enjoy some of the same vacation attractions you do, or so says DogFriendly.

Traveling with Pets: The Guide

Dog-Friendly Aquariums, Museums, Shops

The canine-centric website just released its 2013 list of top 200 dog-friendly spots which include parks, beaches, resorts, shopping centers, museums and even and aquarium – and a winery.

California leads the pack with 20 listings followed by New York and Texas with eight a piece, and there are seven each in Florida and Massachusetts.

Most Unusual Spots for Dogs

Here are some of FareCompare’s favorite doggie destinations (followed by inane suggestions). Since we haven’t personally checked these out, learn more at DogFriendly. Then click the city name and we’ll help you find cheap flights to puppy paradise.

California: Fun Zone Boat Tours of Newport Beach (No doubt the president’s ‘water dog’ would enjoy this)

Connecticut: Sleeping Giant State Park (Recommended for Great Danes, Saint Bernards)

Indiana: Oliver Winery of Bloomington (Your poodle will say, merci for the bowl of vin)

Massachusetts: Wellfleet Drive-in Movie Theater (Send the dog to the concession stand right before the ending of Marley and Me)

Nevada: Paris Hotel, Las Vegas (Hey, Fido can lose money just as fast as a human can)

Oregon: Lucky Labrador Brew Pub of Portland (I think this one is self-evident)

West Virginia: Ghosts Tours of Harper’s Ferry (Please, no scaredy-cats)


Published: May 6, 2013