Post-Bankruptcy American Airlines Moves Forward on New Luxury Amenities

In the wake of Tuesday’s announcement that it would file for bankruptcy, American Airlines released details on the interiors of 10 new Boeing 777s it will add to its fleet over the next two years.

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The first market for the finished aircraft will be London. Eventually, all the new planes will be loaded with premium amenities in each class “to enhance the travel experience.”

According to the American press release, it all begins with “unique mood lighting,” although Virgin America, long famous for its colorful interior lighting schemes, may dispute the “unique” part. There is much more though, and here is a sampling of the luxury perks, broken down class-by-class.

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Luxury Amenities: First Class

Flagship Suite seats transform into completely lie-flat beds with plenty of room (6’8″) and they come equipped with “privacy dividers,” plenty of outlets, plus a 17-inch touchscreen, or for those who prefer a quieter ride, noise-canceling headsets.

Luxury Amenities: Business Class

This part of the cabin will also have fully lie-flat seats, all with aisle access – as well as a 15-inch screen and the headsets. And since they don’t call it ‘business” class for nothing, all seats include a work surface.

Luxury Amenities: Economy

Seats in coach will have a “higher recline pivot” which translates into more knee room. Plus economy passengers will also get their own 9-inch touchscreen.


Published: November 30, 2011