Most Popular Destinations Around the World

Maybe you won’t be surprised to learn that destinations as diverse as London and Las Vegas or Melbourne and Manila made the list of the world’s most popular cities* but how many can you check off?

*Based on FareCompare search data from mid-November 2014.

World’s Most Popular Cities

We make it real simple to fly: Click the name of any destination that catches your fancy to find the best deals from your airport. There isn’t space for all the top locations but these are the ‘most-searched for 20’ spanning four continents and a wide array of fascinating cultures, natural wonders, delectable cuisines and iconic attractions.

  1. Denpasar Bali
  2. Las Vegas
  3. New York City
  4. Orlando
  5. Denver
  6. Atlanta
  7. Miami
  8. Manila
  9. Los Angeles
  10. Seattle
  11. Singapore
  12. Paris
  13. London
  14. Chicago
  15. Honolulu
  16. Cancun
  17. San Francisco
  18. Phoenix
  19. Toronto
  20. Melbourne

What to Do When You Get There

Take a look at what makes some of these destinations so popular. We’ll get you started with the top three.

The Indonesian island of Bali offers breathtaking natural scenery. It also offers a 17th century temple, underwater diving, traditional Balinese dance and above all – the beach. Learn more here.

There’s more to Las Vegas than casinos including scores of golf courses, elegant spas and don’t forget outdoor attractions like nearby Red Rock Canyon. Learn more here.

When you think of New York, think: Broadway, the Statue of Liberty, museums, shopping, exquisite restaurants, neighborhood pizza joints. You might say it has everything. Learn more here.

And If You Want More

Prefer traveling to lesser-known locales? Find the best deals to thousands of places around the globe on 500+ airlines by clicking here. Go ahead. Take a look. Dream a bit. And safe travels always.


Updated: November 18, 2014