Pilot Locked in Bathroom Causes Scare on Delta Flight

A pilot who temporarily found himself locked in his aircraft’s lavatory and enlisted the aid of a passenger inadvertently created a terror scare that nearly resulted in an emergency landing.

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According to news reports, once the captain of Delta flight 6132 traveling from Asheville to New York City realized he was locked in the bathroom, he asked a passenger to alert his co-pilot.

Trapped Pilot Accidentally Creates Terror Scare

The passenger, who had a “thick, foreign accent,” went to the cockpit door to deliver the message, which was met with suspicion by the co-pilot who radioed air traffic control that the “captain has disappeared” and it appeared the passenger was trying to access the cockpit. The co-pilot added, “I’m not about to let him in.”

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Although the word “terrorist” was apparently not used in the conversation, the implication was clear there was trouble aboard.

Emergency Landing Aborted

Controllers ordered the co-pilot to make an emergency landing, but before that could happen, the captain managed to free himself from the lavatory, and explained it was all a false alarm, and the flight continued as normal.

Police met the plane when it landed at LaGuardia, but the Good Samaritan passenger with the accent was not charged.


Published: November 17, 2011