Pilot Locked Out of Cockpit in Flight, Plane Lands Safely

This story sounds like one of those crazy travel myths, and we are trying to imagine the conversation with the passengers: “Folks, looks like we’ve got a little problem here…” The problem being a Delta pilot who was locked out of the cockpit.

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The Pilot & The Malfunctioning Door

The story ended happily with the co-pilot making a safe landing – no injuries – but there must have been a few OMG moments. It all began Thursday (Jan. 29) when the pilot of a flight out of Minneapolis – who’d exited the cockpit – discovered he couldn’t get back in.

Apparently the co-pilot inside the cockpit couldn’t open the door either (the door is now said to have been “malfunctioning” – guess so!). Fortunately, the co-pilot was able to guide the aircraft to its emergency landing in Las Vegas, which was handy since that’s where the plane was heading anyway. It actually touched down a little early.

Expert Analysis on Cockpit Lockout

After careful analysis, air travel expert Rick Seaney sized up the situation this way: “I guess that is why only one gets to go to the head at a time.” According to a media report quoting a Delta spokesperson, the airlines crews “are trained for such situations” which makes one wonder how often such situations arise. But in this case, all ended well and we are delighted.

One question remains, though: Why does this remind us of a movie?


Updated: January 30, 2015