Phony Airline Email Scams on Rise During Summer Travel Season

Think twice before you click on a link in an email supposedly from your airline – it could be a phishing scam (see the video below).

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Phony Emails Steal Credit Card Data

According to media reports, phony emails, called phishing (as in, “fishing expedition”) – which are designed to extract credit card information – rise during the busy summer travel months and again during the holiday shopping season. These emails are sent out under the aegis of airlines and a wide variety of other retailers.

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American, Delta, US Airways Warn of Phishing

Air travel analyst Rick Seaney notes that American Airlines and Delta have warned customers about phishing scams this year – and US Airways has also reportedly been victimized. Seaney adds that he’s seeing more scams than ever and they can cost the unwary money. “If they get your loyalty number and your password, and you have your credit card already in your account – as I do, and I know a lot of people do on American’s AAdvantage program – they can starting booking tickets,” Seaney said.

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Most Common Scam: Seat Receipt

According to one report, the most common scam alerts a flyer to a receipt for a recent preferred seat order, but clicking on the link in the communication can bare personal and financial data to a scammer.

What to Do about Phishing

Airlines say, don’t even think about clicking such links. If you have any questions or think the email could be valid, go to your airline’s website and log-in to your miles program – any information about your account will be there. If there is any concern that the account has been compromised, change your password immediately. See more in this report from

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Published: July 11, 2012