PEOPLExpress Flies Again – Airline's East Coast Service Begins June 30

Starting June 30, a new low-cost airline called PEOPLExpress will begin flying from its Virginia base at Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport to Boston, Newark and Pittsburgh. More routes will be added later in summer (see the chart below).

Now, raise your hand if you remember the original PEOPLExpress.

Remember the Old PEOPLExpress?

The namesake of the new airline was a groundbreaker in its day – its day being 1981-1987. What was so unusual about the original PEOPLExpress was its dirt-cheap prices (New York to London from $149) and its total lack of frills – and this was during an era when airlines competed to see which could offer the fanciest frills.

Whatever happened to these famous airlines?

As one veteran of the old PEOPLExpress put it, “I remember saying to friends, ‘Don’t forget to pack a lunch!’ because we would forget because not having free meals on a plane was just so crazy.” Ultimately the airline overextended and faded away. The concept of an ultra-discount airline also disappeared for a while until the rise of small, scrappy carriers like Allegiant and Spirit. Now they have a new rival with an old name.

Deals on PEOPLExpress

Tickets go on sale June 4 at the carrier’s website Flypex – but all you’ll find there at the moment is a press release which touts inaugural fares for as little as $76 one-way. Remember, as a no-frills airline, you will pay for any extras on the new PEOPLExpress and that includes fees for carry-on bags, advance seat assignments, beverages and more.

PEOPLExpress Service Map


Published: May 30, 2014