Get Passport Now Before Fees Rise; "Idol" Cancels Cities; Passenger No-No

Your morning roundup of air travel news: stuff you need to know, and stuff you want to know.

Get Your Passport Before the New Fee Deadline

You’ve got less than a week to save some money.

The price of a U.S. passport is going up as of July 13 – that’s next Tuesday. Here’s the rundown:

  • Fee for an adult passport application (first time) will rise from $100 to $135
  • Fee for adult passport renewals rises from $75 to $110
  • Fees for child passports (under age 16) rises from $85 to $105

More passport fee information can be found at this website, Travel.State.Gov. It also has all kinds of fascinating “country specific” information. Take a look before you begin your trip – bet you’ll learn something useful.


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“American Idol” Tour Dates

We knew the “Idol” TV show wasn’t doing so well – ratings are down substantially – but now the popular concert series is also showing signs of age (and/or indifference).

According to the LA Times, concert promoter Live Nation says “Idol” shows have been cancelled in the following cities:

  • Buffalo
  • Cleveland
  • Kansas City
  • Omaha
  • Portland,Maine
  • Toronto
  • Winnipeg

Here’s the official schedule – do check it out for yourself (who knows – the concert dates could change again).


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Woman Tries to Open Jet Door in Mid-Flight

No one seems to be sure what the WestJet passenger’s motive was for trying to open a jet door in mid-flight earlier this week – all that’s certain is she had to be restrained, and the flight made an emergency landing in Winnipeg.

Apparently the 47-year old woman had not been drinking, so she does not fall under the normal “bad passenger” category, but authorities aren’t sure what the trouble was, beyond the fact that it was indeed troubling. The woman allegedly bit a fellow passenger who attempted to calm her.

In case you were wondering, no – you cannot open the door of a jet in-flight, because of cabin pressure. So go ahead and cross that off your list of things to worry about.


Published: July 8, 2010