Passenger Allegedly Steals $300 from Flight Attendant on Icelandair Flight

A Massachusetts man was arrested Sunday at Boston’s Logan International Airport for allegedly stealing about $300 in U.S. and foreign currency from a flight attendant’s purse.

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Suspect Allegedly Flushes Evidence Down Toilet

The suspect, Torry Johnson of Gloucester, allegedly accomplished the theft sometime during an Icelandair flight from Keflavik to Boston. According to WCVB TV, when confronted by members of the cabin crew, Johnson threw some of the money at them and then locked himself in a lavatory where it is believed he flushed the U.S. currency away.

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The Massachusetts State Police noted that the lavatories flow into storage tanks on the plane and said that, as of last night, “Ground crews at Logan International Airport are in the process of attempting to retrieve the missing currency from the flight’s storage tanks.”

The suspect was released on his own recognizance and is expected in court this morning.

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So far, there has been no comment from Icelandair or the allegedly victimized flight attendant, but we’ll update this story when further details become available.


Published: November 14, 2011