Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Visit Mayaguez – Find Festivals For All

Rich in culture and all things food related, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico is a great place for the seeker of all things delicious and festive. All but two months have annual festivals taking place celebrating culture and gastronomy. Get your fill and book a hotel deal in Mayaguez today as part… Read More

Stacks of money.

Frontier Bag Fees Hiked for the Holidays

If you buy the cheapest seats on Frontier (and who among us does not?) you’re in for a surprise at Thanksgiving. And Christmas. And New Year’s. And Spring Break. Higher baggage fees. Frontier Bag Fees Hikes of $5-$10 Temporary bag fee hikes will be in effect on these travel dates:… Read More

US Airways

Time to Say Goodbye to US Airways

If you book a flight for the upcoming holidays on the US Airways site, don’t be surprised when you’re automatically re-directed to American Airlines. As of Oct. 17, US Airways disappears into history. US Airways’ Final Flight Oct. 17 US Airways has been gradually integrating with American since the latter’s… Read More

Traveling in Style

Is First Class Worth the Price

We hear a lot about airlines upping their game in first class these days, adding lie-flat beds, luxurious sleep kits and other amenities. And yet a friend of FareCompare told us about a recent first class domestic flight that “wasn’t special and wasn’t worth the money.” Is First Class Worth… Read More

Luggage stacked up while a plane departs.

New, Unusual Way to Avoid Bag Fees

The new way to avoid baggage fees is very simple: Join Orion, a travel club, accept their gift of free luggage and agree to become a walking billboard [see video below]. No Bag Fees for Billboard Bags The first six months of the club are free; then you pay $19.99… Read More