Can I Bring This Through Security?

Most of us know the basics of U.S. airport security regulations: Only very small amounts of liquid are allowed through checkpoints (less than 3.4 ounces) while guns are never allowed in carry-ons (though that doesn’t stop travelers from ‘forgetting’). But the rules are complicated and there are surprises. Can I… Read More


Thanksgiving Travel: "An All-Day Event"

If you’ll be flying this Thanksgiving, be prepared for delays. So says FareCompare CEO and airline industry analyst Rick Seaney who adds, “I always treat holiday travel as an all-day event.” [See Rick in the video below] LISTEN: Rick’s been there; this is how he copes. *Cheapest days to fly… Read More


The Worst Fee of All – And How to Avoid It

If you’re not familiar with the change fee, it’s time to learn especially now with many of us making expensive holiday flight reservations. You could avoid a nasty surprise. As much as $200 worth of nastiness. LISTEN: Travel expert Rick Seaney hates nasty surprises. What is an Airline Change Fee If… Read More


Quick Must-See Travel News Headlines

An occasional round-up of global travel stories. Check it out for news-you-can-use, and check out FareCompare for the cheapest flights possible. Airline Computer Crash Advisory: The recent Sabre glitch affecting hundreds of flights across the U.S. prompted this advice from travel expert Rick Seaney: “If you’re at the airport, get in line and… Read More


Not Your Average Travel Stories + Video: Week Ending Nov. 8

This week: A Down Under flight adventure + romantic video. Strange, Weird, Unusual & Odd Stories Beware the holiday “un-delays”: No, this isn’t about zombies, this is about airline gate agents who say your flight will be delayed an hour and then just as you’re digging into that Cinnabon – the… Read More

Deals Round-up: 20 Airline Sales for Fall, Winter, Spring

Happy Halloween. As a special treat, a bigger-than-usual deals round-up. Now put the candy down and start shopping. Click the airline name for sample fares, departure cities and great destinations Weekend Getaways HURRY American: Getaways for Next Weekend from $212 round-trip. Book by Oct. 31 HURRY United: Deals for This… Read More