Airline snacks

More Airlines Jump on the Free Snacks Bandwagon

As we reported earlier, United is bringing back free cookies and crunchies in economy class. Apparently, other airlines have noticed and are upping their snack game, too. LISTEN: Travel expert Rick Seaney? Also a snack expert. Where to Find Free Snacks in Economy This little perk used to be commonplace… Read More

Saving Money

Which Country’s Travelers are the Biggest Cheapskates?

According to  Expedia, a lot of U.S. fliers are cheapskates. Or at least they’re tight with money when it comes to paying airline fees for ‘extras’. Cheap? Maybe. Others might call it ‘frugal’ or good old common sense. Biggest Cheapskates on Fees Cheapskate habits were documented in a recent Expedia… Read More

Luggage stacked up while a plane departs.

Frontier Raises Bag Fees for Spring Break

Not so long ago we told you Spirit and Frontier were hiking bag fees for the holidays. Now Frontier will again raise baggage fees – an extra $5 – just in time for the popular Spring Break travel period. Bag Fees for Spring Break As you’ll see on the Frontier… Read More

Alasks Airlines New Look

Alaska Airlines Gives Eskimo on Tail a Face-Lift

Well, we call the changes to Alaska’s Eskimo a face-lift; the airline calls it a ‘brand refresher‘. Either way, the kindly gentleman is looking good and yes, a little younger. [See the charming video below] So what’s going on? Alaska Airlines Refreshes its Brand Apparently after 25 years, Alaska decided… Read More