Pizza on Planes: Sometimes Airlines Do Serve Free Food

FareCompare noticed a tweet late last week complimenting the “awesome” JetBlue. What had the discount carrier done? Because of delays (apparently in Newark), the airline ordered pizza for all its passengers. Nice job, JetBlue, but you’re not the only one. Free Pizza on Planes, Free Pizza in Airports FareCompare has… Read More

Plane cabin with flight attendants in red.

Are These the Best Airlines for Economy Class?

We love economy class – sometimes called coach class – but which airline does it best? It turns out several of them get it right according to this story from SmarterTravel. Best Economy Class Find deals on many of the top-ranked airlines in FareCompare’s Deals Blog. Best Overall Economy/Coach: JetBlue… Read More

Waiting in Line

Watch for Longer Lines at TSA Security Checkpoints

We’ve all read about the recent security failures at U.S. airports where officers reportedly did not find fake explosives and other items during covert testing. The solution, as Politico so eloquently put it, may “gum up airport checkpoints.” Failures = Longer Lines at TSA Security Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson… Read More

People waiting in line to board an airplane.

Is This How You Board a Plane?

JetBlue has just released a new video (see below) that gently reprimands passengers who don’t know how to board a plane. Or rather, those who don’t know how to board a plane correctly. How Not to Board a Plane The amusing video is part of the airline’s flight etiquette series;… Read More

United Planes

United Grounding Lifted, Airline Flying Again

GENERAL UPDATE: United is waiving change fees and any increase in fares for those who change tickets. See all the details here. UPDATE 10:25 a.m. ET – Several news organizations are now reporting the grounding has been lifted and United is flying again. However, it seems extremely likely this will… Read More