Airport Security

TSA on Yelp: What Travelers are Saying

As the Associated Press reported,  government agencies are joining the ranks of businesses reviewed on Yelp – including the TSA. What you may not know is people have been talking about airport security measures on the popular review site for years. TSA on Yelp If you have been on a… Read More

Lady on her phone in the airplane

Riskiest Popular Tourist Attractions for Phone Threats?

The following is from Skycure which calls itself a “mobile threat defense company that detects and prevents cyber attacks.” Just to be clear, FareCompare does not endorse any product but thought you’d find this interesting. Phone Threats While Traveling Sometimes the biggest travel risk to a phone is somebody swiping… Read More

Norwegian and the Moon

Norwegian Unveils Super-Cheap Flights to Europe from Boston

Super-discount airline Norwegian has named Boston its latest U.S. departure city and as is customary, has kicked things off with a doozy of a sale. A buy-now, fly-later deal. Norwegian’s Cheap Flights: Boston – Europe Sale prices are good for flights departing May 13 and continues on select dates in… Read More

A line of puppies.

Some Dogs Fly Better than You Do

They fly better than I do, too, if they take advantage of what Travel + Leisure calls American Airlines’ new “cuddle class.” In other words, first class for dogs, cats, whatever. In case you think this is a joke, we confirmed the story with American. Note: Canine cuddle class is… Read More

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Complaints about Flights Rise Nearly 50%

If you had a problems with a flight in June and you got upset, you weren’t alone. According to the latest Department of Transportation statistics, complaints rose by 47.3% in June compared to June 2014. LISTEN: Travel expert Rick Seaney says, make your voice heard. What People Complain About The… Read More

Get in Contact

Frontier’s Toll-Free Phone Number Disappears

Need another sign o’ the times? Frontier airlines dropped its toll-free customer service number last month, according to the Denver Post. Now if you want help you’re obliged to call a Salt Lake City number – 801-401-9000 – which will cost you if you use a landline. Why Frontier Dropped… Read More

Fourth of July fireworks at night.  Multi-color fireworks.

Celebrity Airline Endorsements – Do They Work?

According to the New York Post, Jennifer Anniston landed a deal to endorse the Middle East airline Emirates. Will the say-so of the newlywed actress make you want to fly them? The airline certainly hopes so. Unfortunately, no ads of the Friends actress are available yet but there’s an amazing… Read More