Alasks Airlines New Look

Alaska Airlines Gives Eskimo on Tail a Face-Lift

Well, we call the changes to Alaska’s Eskimo a face-lift; the airline calls it a ‘brand refresher‘. Either way, the kindly gentleman is looking good and yes, a little younger. [See the charming video below] So what’s going on? Alaska Airlines Refreshes its Brand Apparently after 25 years, Alaska decided… Read More

Fun with Phones

Airlines with Wi-Fi – Where to Get Connected

According to Routehappy’s latest report on the state of airline Wi-Fi, passengers around the world now have “at least a chance of inflight Wi-Fi” on about 36% of what are known as ASMs (available seat miles – which is how airlines measure capacity). Does your airline have Wi-Fi? Learn more… Read More

Best of the Bunch

The Best “Best Airline” List?

There are lots of ‘best airline’ lists but we like the new one from the Wall Street Journal because it focuses on the things important to travelers. No points are given for style or food, just airlines getting passengers where they need to be with the least amount of drama.… Read More

Airlines Add New Cities

Airlines are constantly tinkering with schedules, adding (or dropping) cities and routes. A round-up of the latest changes. Note: Although most airlines listed here are low cost carriers, no single airline always has the best deals. If you don’t compare fares, you could pay too much. Airlines Add New Cities… Read More

Credit Card, Please

Watch for More Onboard Sales Pitches

According to a new report from Guestlogix, we’re going to see a continuing push by airlines to sell us stuff on planes. Onboard Sales Pitches: What’s Hot, What’s Not Some of the winners and losers for onboard sales may surprise you: What’s selling: “Fresh food” otherwise known as sandwiches; entertainment… Read More

Passport Stamps

Pay Your Taxes or Lose Your Passport?

Taxes, along with death, are one of the certainties of life, and for most of us, paying our share is a non-issue. By April 15th, we’ve done our duty (or promised to do so via an extension). Not everyone does, though, and now apparently there’s a new penalty for scofflaws:… Read More