Orlando Airport to Offer Quicker Entry for International Visitors

Sometime this summer, Orlando International (MCO) will begin setting up self-service kiosks that should make entry into the U.S. at least a little faster for international visitors.

According the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Board, this technological do-it-yourself tool will help the Customs and Border Protection officers cut down on “mundane but necessary data collection.” Translation: Everyone saves time.

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How the Kiosks Will Work

There is no need for passengers to register in advance. Here’s what the kiosks will do:

  • Collect passenger flight and passport information
  • Collect declaration data
  • Scan fingerprints
  • Take a photo
  • Issue a receipt

The international visitor then takes this receipt and the photo the customs agent who will verify it and then you’re back on your way.

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Orlando International Visitor Numbers Grow

Orlando has long been a testing ground for innovations especially involving international visitors partly because they get so many. In 2012 alone, Orlando International processed a record 3.7 million international passengers. 2013 is shaping up to be record-breaker: So far the numbers of international visitors has jumped nearly 11%. Presumably one can thank Mickey and Harry Potter for that.


Published: May 17, 2013