On-Time Global Airline Performances – February 2015

The latest on-time performance figures from FlightStats for airlines around the world during February 2015 are now available. See how your favorite carrier did.

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Best and Worst On-Time Performances

While the statistics are fascinating, don’t be too quick to praise or condemn any of these airlines because what you see is merely a snapshot of performances during a single month, when brutal weather and/or other factors may have made punctual departures and arrivals especially difficult. With that in mind, check out the best and worst of these major carriers, and see the complete report here.

Best Performing North America Airlines

  1. Alaska
  2. Southwest
  3. Virgin America
  4. Delta
  5. WestJet

Last place: Frontier.

Best Performing Asia-Pacific Airlines

  1. JAL
  2. Air New Zealand
  3. ANA (All Nippon Airways)
  4. Air Astana (based in Kazakhstan)
  5. Singapore

Last place: Beijing Capital Airlines

Best Performing Europe Airlines

  1. Finnair
  2. Iberia
  3. Air Europa
  4. Aegean Airlines
  5. S7 Airlines (formerly Siberia Airlines)

Last place: Icelandair

Best Performing Latin America Airlines

  1. Copa
  2. Gol
  3. TAM
  4. Azul
  5. Aeromexico

Last place: Avianca

Best Performing Middle East and Africa Airlines

  1. Kenya Airways
  2. Qatar Airways
  3. Saudia
  4. Ethiopian Airlines
  5. El Al

Last place: Flydubai

If you have any personal stories to share about the timeliness of any of these airlines, you better believe we’d love to hear about it.


Updated: March 12, 2015