Olympics in Tokyo: Plenty of Time to Find Airfare for 2020 Games

It’s official: Tokyo, Japan, will host the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games and they already have their official website up and running.

Don’t shop yet! First listen to travel expert Rick Seaney:

Not the First Time for Tokyo

They should do just fine. After all, the city’s had some practice what with hosting the games back in 1964 (boxing fans may recall those Tokyo games for Joe Frazier’s gold medal-winning performance before going on to become heavyweight champ).

When to Shop for 2014 World Cup?

Olympics Airfare: When to Buy for Winter, Summer Games

If you’ve always dreamed of going to an Olympics in Japan, sit back and relax. You have about six years before you should start getting serious about purchasing airfare. However, if you are determined to see an Olympics anywhere, it’s past time to be shopping for airline tickets to the 2014 Winter Games in Russia but we have tips on Sochi shopping that may help.

Past and Present Olympics

We congratulate Tokyo, as well as Rio de Janeiro which will host the 2016 games (start looking for flights to Brazil about a year ahead of time). Good thing both those cities have plenty of time before opening ceremonies because last summer’s London Olympics will be a very hard act to follow – remember the Queen and James Bond?


Published: September 9, 2013