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When it comes to travel, what inspires you to make a plan and go? Are you looking for flight deals to iconic cities or events around the world? Is it just ‘getting away from it all’, or seeing, with your own eyes, a different part of the world? Maybe it’s an annual festival or cultural experience that happens in a far away place. Or perhaps it’s that place you keep seeing in blog posts and in your friend’s newsfeeds.

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Whatever your inspiration for travel, Eventurist by FareCompare will show you how to find the best airfares to get to your next adventure.

Currently, you will be able to:

Search Events

  • Get detailed event information and airfare from your home city
  • View event photos and insight from travelers like you
  • Compare hundreds of available fares to the event in one place
  • Book travel directly through one of our partners

Find Deals

  • Find great fare deals curated from one of the most sophisticated algorithms in the industry
  • Compare hundreds of available fares in one place
  • Book travel through one of our partners

In the near future, we will be updating our app and your feedback will be essential. Soon, we will be adding bookmarking, fare alerts, favorite lists, additional fare search capabilities and more personalized features. We welcome and encourage your feedback through the app stores.

Ready to start checking places off of your bucket-list? Then you’ve found the right app.

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Updated: October 26, 2015