Not Your Average Travel Stories: Week of Sept. 9

This week: Great advice, free (almost) tickets, and floating dogs! Plus  great, free, floating video (look below).

Best advice for travelers ever: Blogger Bob of the TSA has a reasonable request – “Leave your grenades at home.”

Dollar days at United! Sure hope you didn’t miss the chance at a $900 plane ticket for just $7. [What’s that bump-bump sound? Probably all those rolling heads.] UPDATE: Wow. United will honor the fares.

Teach your dog to fly: First, have him grow wings. Or put him in classes at Air Hollywood and for just $349 you can “prepare your dog for a safe and calm flight.” Better yet, watch the video below where a dog has a really fun flight.

Judge approves American merger: Fine. Now all they have to do is solve the little to-do with the Justice Department and they’re golden. Translation: Merger still in limbo.

Moment of silence: Once again, there are many, many ceremonies honoring the dead of 9/11  and the nation’s flight attendants are front and center, holding remembrance services and taking part in moments of silence. But most are honoring their fallen colleagues the best way they know how: by getting on a plane and doing their job. “We will never forget,” say these aviation first responders and no wonder – there are so many to remember. Here is a list of all the pilots and flight attendants who died in the horror.

Don’t let those boring TSA uniforms fool you: According to a news item, a man whose “crotch area” set off a metal detector at Cleveland’s airport explained, “I have a large piercing.” TSA agent: “That’s okay, I have one, too.”

Airline TV strategy: ABC is promoting its new show Trophy Wife by airing episodes on Delta, American, Virgin America and United. One wonders how it will play to passengers who are First Wives.

TSA parking scam: Eight TSA employees at the Dallas-Ft. Worth were arrested for allegedly selling stolen airport parking passes at a discount. Fun fact: All TSA employees, even part-timers, must pay for parking and at DFW that costs $400 a year.

Kid impersonates flight attendant: A 13-year-old girl at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (formerly Canton) has been placed with child protective services for impersonating a flight attendant. Said the kid, “I love the blue sky and I always dreamt of flying. I wanted to stay at the airport so I could be close to my dream.” Cheer up, Halloween is just around the corner.

5 worst travel mistakes: Our favorite: “Overspending.” That won’t happen if you shop for tickets here.

VIDEO: Watch this flying dog video. Don’t see the dog? You will at :10.


Published: September 9, 2013