Not Your Average Travel Stories: Week of Sept. 30

This week: Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride – wait, is your seatbelt big enough?

New, slimmer seats: United unveils a thinner seat design. Now if only they could find new, slimmer passengers.

Best reason to fly: Well, best reason to fly to the West Coast, anyway and that’s because the Los Angeles area’s road conditions have been judged the nation’s worst.

What was he thinking: Bail has been set at $1 million for Zeljko Causevic, the 39 year old guy who allegedly told Jacksonville TSA officers he had a bomb. He didn’t but the airport was evacuated for 5 hours anyway. When questioned by reporters, Causevic’s neighors said, “He seemed like a nice guy.” Editor’s note: Someday, I hope to hear a neighbor say that an accused person “seemed like trouble.”

Hard landing indeed: Southwest has fired the captain of the plane that made the hard landing at LaGuardia back in July – see scary videos of the landing here.

American’s not just sitting around: No, siree, they’ve just announced they’re hiring another 1,500 pilots and in the meantime the Texas attorney general has changed his mind, tells the Dept. of Justice, “You know, this merger’s not such a bad idea after all” or something like that.

Bad (allegedly) flight attendant: JetBlue employee is accused of smuggling heroin “shaped to resemble chocolate candy” on a flight from Bogota to Orlando.

LAX fail: The nearly $2 billion in improvements at Los Angeles International’s Bradley terminal do not include what flyers want most, says the LA Times – “No improvements were made to the airport’s Wi-Fi.” Yeah, but there is a fancy new 72-foot tower with LED screens showing video, so quit complaining.

When pigs fly: Headline of the day courtesy – “New airline fees aim to make travel more enjoyable for passengers”. Who doesn’t enjoy a good fee?


Published: October 1, 2013