Not Your Average Travel Stories: Week of May 28

No ticket, no problem: Man boards United flight by zipping out an airport door and mingling with passengers on tarmac. So that’s the way to avoid a pat-down. However, it’s not the way to avoid arrest.

Mad men: 3-year-old got mad when dad tried to buckle his seatbelt so pilot got mad and kicked entire family off plane and now everyone’s mad including dad who won’t fly Alaska Airlines again.

Scootitude: Singapore’s new low-cost carrier Scoot debuts planes in neon-yellow livery. Think Godzilla-sized taxis with wings.

More celebrities: Hunky Lord of the Rings actor Viggo Mortensen narrowly avoids the boot from DC airport for cheering his soccer team too enthusiastically. Other famous folks are not so lucky.

Kardashian vs. security: Kim K. tweets that “special items” were purposely removed from her luggage before a recent British Airways flight. “What happened to the days when you could lock your bags,” she asks. Uh, 9/11 happened.

Famous chef: Anthony Bourdain jumps from Travel Channel to CNN. Suggestion: do a show on airport dining featuring that cool space ship restaurant at LAX.

Flying is better than driving: Because of traffic, of course. Worst city for congested roads wasn’t LA though – Honolulu took top honors. But who would care? I mean, you’d be in Hawaii.


Published: June 1, 2012