Not Your Average Travel Stories: Week of March 25

Best camera ever: Woman thought she lost her Hawaiian vacation photos forever when her camera floated away. Not so! Camera just took a detour- 5,000 miles worth – turned up in Taiwan. Waterproof case worked and photos were fine. I smell a new ad campaign.

Ouch: Forbes story on the $20 million severance to outgoing American CEO Tom Horton is called “Paid to Fail”, characterizes the bonus as “bogus” and an “obscenity” adds, “Horton wasn’t even a real CEO. He was but a caretaker of a failed enterprise.”

Delta’s $3,700 box of chocolates: At least, that’s what one report says they cost with miles. Kind of makes those fancy first class seats sound downright cheap.

Attention all hackers: The Dept. of Homeland Security – overseers of the TSA – wants you to combat “new and rapidly growing threats” via cyberattacks. Then when you’re done saving the world, take a break – with a nice cheap flight.

End of World Peace? Injury to Lakers forward Metta may sideline him for the rest of the season. We only mention it because Delta Air Lines is a “proud sponsor” of the LA team.

Worst passenger: Gadling’s resident stew says it’s the guy who removes a bag from the bin to make room for his own, then dumps the other in the aisle (happened 3 times in Feb.) – and here we thought it was those screaming kids planes.

Passenger shaming: If you like Dog Shaming, you’re going to love this site featuring photos of airline passengers doing stupid stuff.

Aching at O’Hare: 9 passengers at the Chicago airport had to be hospitalized after complaining about nausea. Can’t blame airline food for this one since there are no meals in coach anymore.

Headline of the day: Again, from Time mag – “Southwest Airlines: We’re Not Really about Cheap Flights Anymore”. Look at the airline’s new video and tell us what you think.

Best of Twitter: Well, the best according to Time mag anyway – and it includes Anthony Bourdain (we’ve written about him!) but astoundingly, no @RickSeaney.

Pay-by-the-pound: Another study says fat passengers should pay more than skinny ones but our Rick Seaney says, eh, don’t hold your breath. What does Southwest think? Goodness knows they’ve ditched their share of ‘too fat to fly’ passengers.

Butterflies are free: They are at Singapore’s Changi Airport which has seen a near 10% increase in passengers this winter – perhaps drawn by the colorful ‘butterfly habitat’ exhibit.

Freakjet photo of the day: Find the puppy.


Published: March 25, 2013