Not Your Average Travel Stories: Week of July 22

This week: Killer heels, bees behaving badly, delayed dogs, royal baby news!

Royal baby: If Prince George ever decides to pull a Richard Branson and start his own airline, he could always call it Heir Britannia.

Killer heels: TSA confiscates a pair of ladies shoes that featured handguns for heels. Before you fashionistas say, “Where can I get me some?” know that Madonna wore a similar pair way back in 2008. Also on the no-no style list: hairbrush from hell and lethal lipstick.

New questions about Southwest landing: NTSB now says the plane in Monday’s incident touched down on its front or nose wheels first, instead of the usual way which is touching down on the main wheels under the wings. So, what are really saying?

Honey, look at all the bees: A swarm of bees delayed a US Airways flight in Charlotte by buzzing around the ‘tug’ (the thingie that pushes airplanes back from the gate). Who ya gonna call? A beekeeper (and they did).

Dog gets free vacation to Hawaii! Okay, so he was supposed to go to San Diego but free is free. It didn’t start out free, mind you; only after intrepid reporter Mike Finney rattled United’s cage did they locate the wayward hound who was then reunited with his owner, pet fee waived. Fido, meanwhile, is said to be toting up his frequent flyer miles in hopes of a return trip.

Memory lane at the security lane: When it comes to weird stuff confiscated by the TSA it’s hard to beat this story from a few years back: Guy once tried to bring two gallons of gas through the checkpoint because he worried about running short on the drive home from the airport. Like they say, be prepared. But was that the oddest thing ever confiscated?

Worst royal baby rip-off: Spirit gets the award for ad showing a pair of hands lifting then dropping a crowned infant (“the prince has arrived/the price has dropped”). Was that the last gasp of the airline’s recently departed advertising whiz Barry Biffle?

Airline fined: If revenge is a dish best served cold, those of you stuck on America Eagle flights at DFW last Christmas are feasting – since the FAA just fined the carrier $200,000 for those incidents. The agency also said, don’t let us catch you doing that again.

Southwest’s really bumpy landing: Jet comes in for landing at LaGuardia when its nose gear collapsed. Luckily only minor injuries were reported, but it closed down a runway at the busy airport and tons of flights were canceled or delayed. UPDATE 1: See two scary videos of the landing here. UPDATE 2: Southwest has fired the captain of the plane.

Kanye vs. paparazzi: How many times has Mr. West gotten into it with photographers? We’re not sure but his latest disagreement with a cameraman at LAX did not end well for the lensman and the LAPD’s Robbery Homicide Division is now reportedly investigating.

Pontiff is regular guy: Pope Francis flew to Brazil and toted his own carry-on personally.

Ireland for under $600: That’s just one of the latest steals from our Deals Blog, and yeah, it’s for fall/winter flights but good heavens that is cheap.

In-flight meals: No one claims they’re getting better but more of us are buying them, says Skift – though we disagree with the first sentence in their report that calls them a “necessity” for U.S. cross-country flights. You really think so?

Royal baby: Our week begins with word of the imminent arrival of a new heir to the British throne and our excuse for mentioning it is presumably he/she will fly someday. Be sure to check out our Deals Blog, Your Highness. UPDATE: It’s a boy. UPDATE redux: He’s got a name! George Alexander Louis, if you please.


Published: July 22, 2013