Not Your Average Travel Stories: Week of July 1

Sounds like “The Terminal”: A U.S. medical student spent almost two weeks at the Bangkok airport – including 10 days in a detention center – after he was told he couldn’t travel to LAX, without a reason given. Now a lawsuit may be in the works.

What’s that smell?: A Lufthansa flight from San Francisco to Munich was diverted to Seattle after an “electrical smell” was detected and several passengers complained.

“Guilty as Charged”: JetBlue called out on being too friendly. Is there even such a thing as “too friendly?” I hope not.

Put a filter on that: The TSA now has an Instagram account where it shares photos of confiscated items. Interesting.

If at first you don’t succeed: The same man was removed from two different flights in a two-day span after trying to exit both planes – mid-flight – for a smoke.

Movie magic: The most-wanted airport amenity? Movie theaters to pass the time. Sadly, you’ll have to fly to Asia to find an airport that has one.


Published: July 1, 2013